Liberty Hydro’s New Web Presence

Liberty Hydro has a new web site.

Liberty Hydro, maker of ZVI Blue™the patented process in which finely-divided ZVI is attached to an open-pore polymer foam media that allows easy flow of water while enabling adequate contact and reaction time with the ZVI (Zero Valent Iron), has developed a new web site to promote its technology and services.

The site contains detailed information about ZVI Blue™, which removes arsenic, selenium, chromium and mercury and other dissolved metals from wastewaters. The new site provides technical information on the process as well as details of applications including:

  • Coal Ash Ponds
  • Landfill Contact Water
  • FGD Purge Water
  • Refineries
  • Industrial Discharges
  • Mine Drainage

Companies with water problems can use the new site to see how Liberty Hydro’s ZVI Blue™ can help them solve their water problems through services and products that include:

  • Reactive ZVI Blue™ media, a granular media that is pourable into various reactor vessels, which can remove dissolved metals from water and replace activated alumina and other media struggling with compliance.
  • Bench-scale units to test water at their sites to help assess the size of a pilot unit and full-scale treatment unit.
  • Pilot Units, for field trials, available to treat a flow rate from 1 gpm to 20 gpm or higher as a preliminary step toward sizing a full-scale treatment system.
  • Water Studies and Testing Services at our facility, where we conduct testing and treatment studies to determine the characteristics of your water, the reaction time for removal, and the most effective treatment protocol

Interested parties can use the site to contact our management team for more information or to purchase ZVI Blue™ media.