Selenium Treatment

We provide the best and most cost effective Selenium treatment solution in the industry.

There are currently toxic levels of Selenium in mining run off. In fact, coal mines discharge up to 20 times the EPA limit. The results of this violation can be catastrophic, with high fines and even the closing of operations.

With Liberty Hydro, you can be confident in the fact that your Selenium treatment needs are being met. We use a patent-pending zero valent ion (ZVI) technology that can effectively remove Selenium from waste water.

Our Selenium treatment:

  1. Selenium removal from water is enabled by reaction with Iron.
  2. The Iron is supported on a porous foam through a patent-pending coating process.
  3. Water runs through the foam and the Selenium binds to the Iron.
  4. A quicker reaction rate between the Selenium and Iron means a smaller system is needed.

The Liberty Advantage:

  • IP protected zero-valent iron technology meets EPA requirements (two patents filed).
  • Successfully installed and tested 16 operational sites in West Virginia and Idaho.
  • Portable and passive, our system treats multiple contaminates with a small footprint.
  • Modular design allows for easy installation and expansion.

We are the best solution for the lowest industry cost!

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