Liberty Hydro Water Treatment Solutions


Modular and Scalable System Design:

Liberty Hydro combines patented ZVI Blue™ media, Suspended Bed technology (Patent Pending) and modular reactor vessel design to provide a wide range of options to solve your difficult water pollution control needs:

There are no moving parts inside the reactor vessels minimizing maintenance and service requirements. The patented ZVI Blue™ Media inside the vessels will operate across any operating temperature without loss of efficiency.

Depending on your application and site configuration, the Liberty Hydro Modular design can accommodate:

  • Series arrangement where a longer hydraulic contact time is necessary, or Parallel arrangement where the required contact time is shorter.
  • Upflow design where the pollutant binds to the reagent, or Downflow where there is significant precipitate generated.
  • Gravity Fed or Pump Driven
  • Manually operated or Automatically controlled via PLC
25 GPM, Pump Driven, Series configuration and Up-Flow Modules

25 GPM, Pump Driven, Series configuration and Up-Flow Modules

The dimensions of the reactor vessels are designed to suit the process flow rate. All reactor vessels are sized to fit on a standard over the road truck trailer and may be moved into place by traditional lifting techniques such as forklifts or mobile cranes.

The reactor vessels may be placed on a concrete pad, or similarly prepared, level surface. This approach requires minimal capital investment in foundations or infrastructure. Vessels are fully self-contained, and no site assembly is required. The modular approach provides a great deal of flexibility to scale up or down your treatment process as the process may change, or to relocate the system if site conditions mandate.

The vessels are interconnected via piping or industrial hoses and easily allow vessels to be added, removed or bypassed. All piping and valves are accessible from grade level.

Typical treatment systems will couple the modular reactor vessels with industry standard prefilters, pumps, acid dosing systems, oxidizers, clarifiers and instrumentation.

For more information contact William O’Shea or Mark Kropilak.

25 GPM, Gravity Fed, Parallel Configuration and Down-Flow Module

25 GPM, Gravity Fed, Parallel Configuration and Down-Flow Modules


Liberty Hydro Downflow Treatment Vessels in Parallel

Piping Sustem Closeup

Liberty Hydro Upflow Treatment System in Series

Piping System Closeup