Liberty Hydro releases Next Generation of ZVI Blue™

Liberty Hydro is pleased to release the next generation of our ZVI Blue™ media. This media is now even more effective in removing pollutants from Industrial process and waste waters.

Our new media has demonstrated:

  • A 55% improvement in reducing pollutants from waste waters
  • More consistent performance characteristics
  • Continued ability to meet the most stringent requirements for effluent pollutant levels
  • Lower cost
  • Industrial scale manufacturing process
  • Better thermal management properties (*)

(*) When tested over a range of deactivation and disposal scenarios.

ZVI Blue™ continues to be among to most effective tools for managing pollutants such as Selenium, Chromium, Arsenic and Mercury. This new media, together with Liberty Hydro’s Modular and Scalable system approach will allow greater flexibility in the size, configuration and price of water treatment systems.

Please contact Liberty Hydro to discuss how we can help solve your difficult pollution needs.