ZVI Blue™


mediaLiberty Hydro owns and manufactures a patented technology, ZVI Blue™, to remove arsenic, selenium, chromium and mercury and other dissolved metals from wastewaters, some shown below:


  • To remove dissolved metals from water
  • Call for delivery schedules and prices
  • Granular media is pourable into various reactor vessels
  • Can replace activated alumina and other media struggling with compliance

Bench-Scale Units

Clients can purchase bench-scale units to test water at their sites. benchscales

  • Specify the size desired
  • Obtain confirmation of removal effectiveness
  • Help assess the size of a pilot unit and full-scale treatment unit

Pilot Units

Clients can purchase Pilot Units for field trialspilotunits

  • Units available to treat a flow rate from 1 gpm to 20 gpm or higher
  • Preliminary step toward sizing a full-scale treatment system


Water Studies and Testing Services

Clients can ship water for testing and treatment studies.waterstudies

We determine the characteristics of the water, the reaction time for removal, and the most effective treatment protocol.